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                                   Recommended Homeowner Electrical Maintenance:

Test GFCI outlets. ( Test Monthly) Most often found in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, garage and outside.
Test ARC Fault/ Ground Fault breakers (if house is equipped), (Test Monthly) Found in the breaker panel.
Change smoke detector batteries every 6 months.
Check for broken cover plates. Both inside and outside.
Replace fluorescent bulbs that have become slow to come on (This saves the life of a ballast)
Keep ceiling fan motors and blades dust free. (This keeps the motors from running hot ) Check as needed
Keep unused devices unplugged until needed. Things such as cell phone and laptop chargers. These things are known as vampire energy. They use electricity even when not in use.

Following these tips is an easy way to spot a potential problem early and help to keep your family safe. As well as help keep your power bill down.


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